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We focus on building functional electronic/optoelectronic platforms for realizing a new concept of ubiquitous electronics and for studying fundamental science. We envision "Heterogeneous integration" as the key enabler to achieving this overarching goal in several aspects: (a) monolithic integration of low-dimensional and mixed-dimensional materials for new physical phenomena, (b) heterointegration of material building blocks into devices with new functionality and operation principles, and (c) 3D integration of these devices into multi-functional platforms for physical coupling, sensor fusion, and ubiquitous electronics.

Advanced epitaxy and New materials building blocks

  • 2D materials, III-V & III-N semiconductors

  • Mixed-dimensional heterostructures     (3D-on-2D, sandwiched 2D, QD-on-2D, ..)

  • Freestanding nanomembranes

  • Crystal structure/lattice engineering 

Heterogeneous integration technology

  • Layer transfer technology

  • 3D integration and vertical stacking

  • Conformal integration

  • "Coupling" of physical properties

New concept of devices and platforms

Chip photo_edited.jpg
  • Electronic & photonic & energy devices with new operation principles

  • Hetero-integrated multi-functional platforms

  • Sensor fusion and ubiquitous electronics

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